Atlanta Region Leaders and Board of Directors

Region Leadership

Region Leadership

Below is a list of Region leaders. Should you have any questions or concerns about the region, please use the contact us link and your request will be directed to the proper individuals.

  • Regional Executive (RE): Andrew Rodriquez
  • Assistant Regional Executive: Clark McInnis
  • Secretary: Shanna Richardson
  • Treasurer: Jim Creighton
  • Director (2023-2024): Jan Coleman-Mitchell
  • Director (2023-2024): Marcus Wheeler
  • Director (2022-2023): John Fine
  • Director (2022-2023): Dean Richardson
  • Director (2023): Joe Scavotto
  • Director (2023): Dave Rollow
  • Race Co-Chairs: Clark McInnis, Odie O'Dell
  • Solo Co-Chairs: Dean Richardson, Andrew Rodriquez
  • Rally Chair: OPEN
  • Rallycross Chair: Christian Retterer
  • Track Event Chair: Heyward Wagner
  • Webmaster: Andy Rodriquez, Randall Prince
  • Editor/Social Media: Dean Richardson
  • Membership Co-Chairs: Rick Mitchell, Shanna Richardson
  • Area 12 Director: Steve Strickland
  • SARRC Representative: Mark Gray
  • Competition License Chairman: George DeLong

Board of Directors Meeting Schedules and Minutes

Meetings start at 7:30 p.m. and are usually held on Google Meet.

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