Solo: Rookie Class Announcement

Posted on January 5th, 2018

Happy New Year race fans!

As you may have already heard, our 2018 schedule is posted and on our website. Additionally, we announced our entire season will be held at Atlanta Motor Speedway! This is exciting news as this site is about three times the size of our previous venue! You can expect 60-70 second courses instead of last yrs 30 sec courses.

The real big news for this year is; we are teaming up yet again with the wonderful folks at Solo Performance Specialists and creating a class designed for new drivers to the sport. ARSCCA is excited to introduce the “Rookie” class! This is a class for participants with less than a seasons experience and will operate like our Pro class, on the PAX system.  This will provide an opportunity for new drivers to enter a competitive class and potentially win some amazing prizes!

1st Place = M rated Full Face Helmet + a magnetic number package + a $25 gift cert to SPS

2nd and 3rd Place each win a magnetic number package from SPS

If you have less than a seasons experience autocrossing you are eligible to participate in this class. If you are new to the sport in 2018, we ask that you first attend at least 2 events as a Novice, then register in the Rookie class if you choose.  Finishing order will be conducted the same as the Open and Pro class, but will only be counting 3 events (your best three finishes), the others will be “drops”. This will allow for late to the season drivers a shot at a podium and takes consideration the likelihood of people taking 2 of the season’s events as a Novice and maybe missing a few events.

Registering for the Rookie class is simple. When registering on for our points events, select your class then select your modifier, “Rookie”. Done. All season points will be recorded and published after each event.

We are stoked to be able to offer this new program for driver development and honored that SPS is committing even more in support of our region. Additionally, SPS is continuing their sponsorship of the region as they did last year with the annual trophies for the other classes as well! It has been a great partnership for both of us and we look forward to this next season!

Please reach out to this Chairman, Tom Gorman or David Knudsen if you have any questions!

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